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Services & skills

Mend is a locally owned sewing & repair studio in beautiful Arcata, California.  Services include everything from basic alterations on everyday garments and formal wear, to repairing family heirlooms or refashioning a secondhand score.

Mending projects for Humboldt County by appointment, and for long distance clients by mail.

Sarah Boyd has been sewing, crocheting, and crafting since she was a girl. Years of working beside her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother gave her a wealth of memories and knowledge.  Making and altering her own clothes and accessories was a great way to hone her craft and express her sense of style. When Sarah moved to California's gorgeous north coast to study at Humboldt State University, she began working in a local sewing shop. She has remained a familiar face there for over 20 years. After earning a degree in Zoology, she continued to work in her field of passion by teaching knitting and growing her sewing business. 


Mending old treasures & new favorites

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